About PWC

The basis for Partners for Western Conservation (PWC) came from some very fundamental needs and acknowledgements. The regulatory approach is not working, but incentives are. There is a real desire for significant increases in conservation implementation and through incentivization, landowners will be more inclined to participate. Research has shown that "society" can avoid significant costs by upfront incentive versus reactive regulations. The very foundation of PWC will be flexible implementation of conservation practices.


In Colorado, PWC is implementing these principles in working to deal with land, water, air, and wildlife that are either endangered or are in threat of becoming endangered. PWC also works in the arenas of mitigation, ecosystem services, and conservation banking.

The main function of PWC will be to negotiate contracts, manage systems, facilitate contractors, and maintain agreements/credits between the private landowners and the stakeholders. A few of the stakeholders involved in PWC will include landowners, conservation organizations like Environmental Defense Fund, commercial interests, the Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Wildlife Services, and Colorado State University's Center for Collaborative Conservation. These stakeholders will provide direction, consultation, monitoring, and research to PWC's efforts.


The Colorado Cattlemen’s Association is working cooperatively

with Partners for Western Conservation as a contracting

organization administering PWC’s day-to-day activities

and carrying out the organization’s mission.