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Ag Water NetWORK Webinar

The Ag Water NetWORK webinar features key elements on how two successful agricultural water leases work in Colorado.

Presented by Chris Kraft, shareholder of Fort Morgan Ditch Company and farmer/owner of Badger Creek Dairies; and Jack Goble, P.E. Engineer for the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District.  The two cover many topics including:

  • Who is involved in the ag water leases
  • How ag water lease projects work from both operator and farmer perspectives 
  • How lease-fallowing is used to “create” water for leasing, farmer requirements for participants
  • Payment rates for leased water
  • How each lease is structured
  • Augmentation details
  • The pros and cons of participating in a lease
  • Details of the Catlin Canal Lease Fallow Alternative Transfer Methods (ATM) project
Webinar #1- Outline and Highlights
If you don't have time to watch the entire webinar, read about the highlights here!
Webinar 1 Highlights-Successful ATMs.pdf
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2016 Ag Water NetWORK Survey Results
Ag water leasing is a new concept to most Colorado Ag producers. The purpose of the Ag water survey was to assess the level of knowledge of ag water right holders throughout the state regarding water leasing terms and concepts, and determine ag water right holder perspectives, concerns and interest related to leasing. Responses were received from 48 counties around the state, which represents three-fourths of the counties in Colorado.
2016 Ag Water Survey Results Report.pdf
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Colorado Water Plan

It sets forth the measurable objectives, goals, and actions by which Colorado will address its projected future water needs and measure its progress—all built on our shared values. Just as it was created, this plan will be implemented by working collaboratively with the basin roundtables, local governments, water providers, other stakeholders, and the general public.